Be a part of a network that will be there for you.

We are givers. This means we all work together to give of our time, talent, and resources to ensure our churches get the help they need.

Safe Church Network

The safe church network is comprised of churches from various evangelical backgrounds who have signed and agreed to abide by the OMI Global Agreement. The churches in our network are committed to ensuring a safe spiritual environment free from abuse, control, and manipulation

Doctrinally sound

All of the churches in our network are committed to teaching Biblically sound doctrine. Everything taught must be explicitly found written in Scripture, and taught within historical and hermeneutical context.

Family friendly

Our churches are committed to serving the entire family. Babies, toddler, teens, young adults, and seniors will always have a safe place to feel welcomed and loved. 

Full accountability

Church leaders are held accountable for what they do and how they treat people. We investigate all allegations of abuse. The safety and well-being of the church body is our priority.

Membership Network

Here are some of the member churches in our network who have
signed and agreed to abide by the OMI Global Agreement. We actively
provide support and resources to these churches. 

Morrill, Ne

Sovereign Grace Reformed Church

Pastor Todd Seay

Jacksonville, Fl

Englewood Baptist Church

Pastor Billy Jones

atlantic beach, fl

Community Church

Pastor Raf Usher. 

Abbeville, LA

St. Mary Congregational Church

Pastor Kevin Williams Sr.

Jacksonville, fl

Mt. Sinai Missionary Baptist Church

Pastor Reginald Gundy

Melle, france

Eglise Protestante Indépendante en Pays Mellois

Pastor Thomas Constantini 

Chetumal, mexico

Jesucristo Sobre la Roca

Pastor Policarpo Cruz

Filipe carillo, puerto

Fuente de Agua Viva

Pastor Hau 

Mong Hsu, Myanmar

Calvary Mission Church

Pastor Tawk Hnin

Partner Network

These are some of the churches who have partnered with members of our ministry team to ensure the Gospel is preached and people are properly discipled. We encourage you to visit these churches whenever possible.

mio, mi

Tri Point Church of God

pottstown, pa

Spirit & Truth Worship Center

Edgewater, CO

Fellowship Bible Church

Ringsted, Denmark