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OMI France: Sharing Christ Through Culture

Visitors to France are struck by the magnificence of its cathedrals.  The French countryside is dotted with church buildings.  Despite this, most French people have no contact with the Gospel.  Whole regions of the country lack faithful Christian witnesses.  This is the need Dawn’s ministry is fulfilling in western France.

With France being a global intellectual and cultural hub, Dawn has chosen to use culture to build bridges to the Gospel.  Here are some core elements of her ministry:

Music.  Dawn is a professional musician.  Music activities are a natural way for her to meet people and build relationships.  While teaching violin and viola lessons in the local music school, interacting with colleagues and students, rehearsing, and performing, Dawn seeks to shine the light of Christ into the lives of those she encounters.  She also uses her musical abilities in the service of the local church (the only one in a 30-km radius).   Through songs that are both encouraging and worshipful, she seeks to build up believers and present the truth to unbelievers in a unique way.  

Literature.  Dawn is a book-lover, and much good literature speaks of profound spiritual realities.  Not only does Dawn love to read, but she loves to share books she’s enjoyed.   She actively seeks out people who are open to reading and discussing books.  Through discussion, Dawn looks to show others the value of the greatest Book and the truest Story.  She has also begun leading a Bible study.  In this particular context, she seeks to go beyond the Bible as literature and to show how it points the way to a relationship with Christ.

American culture and language.  It’s not always easy to live in a foreign culture, but Dawn’s American-ness can be a great advantage.  She eagerly takes opportunities to: teach English in a local elementary school, teach French kids how to play baseball, share how to bake pumpkin pies at the local rec center, invite friends to celebrate Thanksgiving… 

Games and more!  With her family, Dawn enjoys playing board games, hiking, biking, visiting museums and medieval castles…  These are other great was to build relationships with people.

How can you help Dawn in her ministry to western France?  Dawn currently only works part-time, in order to leave time for ministry (and for raising 3 children!)  This naturally leaves a hole in her family budget that you can help fill by your gift to OMI.  

If you feel led to partner with Dawn in her ministry in western France, you can support her through the “donate now” button or reach out to her or OMI directly. Together, we can make a difference and spread God’s love and light in our western France and beyond. Thank you for considering joining her on this journey!