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Helping Victims of Domestic Violence & Human Trafficking

As the world witnesses countless struggles, we are humbled by the resilience of those who endure hardships beyond imagination. Today, we come to you with a heartfelt request to be part of a life-changing mission. Join hands with O.M.I. Global Outreach in making a difference in the lives of women and children facing the unimaginable horrors of domestic violence and human trafficking.


💖 Illuminating Lives, One Step at a Time 💖


Since 2019, O.M.I. Global Outreach has been a beacon of hope, reaching out to women and children who are victims of domestic violence and human trafficking. With unwavering dedication, we provide crucial assistance and protection to those in desperate need of a lifeline. Our program goes beyond borders, helping countless souls find a safe haven away from the clutches of their tormentors.


🌍 Bridging Nations for a Better Tomorrow 🌍


We are proud to share our global efforts in relocating survivors to safe houses in Cyprus, Colombia, and Portugal. With secure environments and compassionate support, we offer a fresh start to those who have endured unimaginable suffering. From providing legal aid through our network of outstanding attorneys to assisting with resettlement and essential needs, our comprehensive approach aims to empower survivors on their journey to recovery.


🤝 Power of Partnerships 🤝


We believe that together, we can achieve even greater impact. In collaboration with the United Nations, we offer job training opportunities, ensuring survivors gain essential skills to build independent, self-sustaining futures. Our partnership with the Red Cross further strengthens our ability to provide vital resources to those seeking solace and stability.


🌱 Your Support, Their Growth 🌱


Every single contribution counts. Your generous donation will directly fund attorney fees, allowing us to continue providing top-tier legal support to survivors seeking justice. It will empower us to expand our reach, touching the lives of more women and children, guiding them towards healing and renewal.


🌟 Together, We Create Change 🌟


As fellow human beings, we hold the power to uplift and protect each other. Our commitment to this cause fuels our passion, but it is your support that sustains our mission. Be a catalyst for change and join us in bringing light to the darkest corners of despair.


💞 Your Action Matters 💞


Please click the link below to contribute to our cause and make a profound impact on the lives of these brave souls. Together, we can rewrite their stories, offering them a future filled with hope and happiness.


Thank you for your unwavering support in making this world a better place for those in dire need. Your kindness can heal wounds and inspire dreams, proving that compassion has the power to transform lives.