Dr. Usher

World Missions: Colombia

We are excited to share the news that the school in Varsovia has recognized the transformative potential of our ESL and Christian Values curriculum. For the upcoming school year, they have enthusiastically agreed to integrate our curriculum into the curriculum for the new first-grade class.

OMI Myanmar

O.M.I. Myanmar

O.M.I. Myanmar is a dynamic ministry led by Evangelist Lian Hlun, serving the global community of Burmese people in every country they reside.

Open Door Ministries

Open Door Ministry

Join us in supporting William and Lilly Meades, a dynamic couple on a mission to South East Asia. William has been commissioned by OMI to

Missions Driven

Missions Driven: South Africa

C.J. is embarking on an extraordinary journey. She has been called to serve as a missionary in South Africa, where she plans to continue her impactful work, touching the lives of even more children and families.

Strength International

Strength International

Dr. Haley Morris provides essential licensed mental health services that transform lives and restore hope.